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What to Expect at a Svaroopa® Class! This sample class will give you an idea of how you may do this at home!

Begin and End in Shavasana

Rama Berch, Master Teacher and Founder of Svaroopa Yoga, has referred to Shavasana as the "mother of poses." In Svaroopa Yoga we begin and end the class in Shavasana. It is a very magical pose offering the most relaxation and a very important part of our transformation in yoga.

It All Begins at the Tailbone

Pawanmuktasana Alternate Leg Pose

The primary release that makes all the other openings possible. Like opening a door, the tailbone pose is the key that allows all the other changes to happen. When the tailbone releases the neck, the jaws, the hamstrings, and the very bottom of your spine relaxes

Poses Move Up the Spine

Supta Janushirshasana

The next focus is on the muscles of the sacrum. When these first two poses are complete, 28 of the tightest muscles of the body will be relaxed. The lumbar opens. The sinuses open. The thighs relax, and so do the shoulders and shoulder blades.

Moving Up with Lunge


The lunge pose lengthens thigh muscles and opens the hip creases. The changes begin to move further up the spine, as your Svaroopa yoga practice creates a continuous tension-free spine from the bottom up.

Continuing Through the Ribcage

Jathara Parivvrttanasana

The fourth and final release as we continue through the spine is to open the spine through the ribcage. This fourth pose is a most wonderful twist that relieves tension through the whole spine and calms and soothes the nervous system.

This is one four-pose sequence (there are many others) and when it is complete, the spine is reliably released. The changes are felt not only in the body, but also in the quieting of the mind. When the muscles are open, and the mind is quiet, what ensues is bliss and this is the meaning of Svaroopa.

Renee Dekona, yogi and extraordinary photographer, is credited for the beautiful photos!

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