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About Doreen

Doreen Kleinschmidt has been a yoga teacher and massage therapist in Boston since 1988 and nutritionist since 1980. She has been a licensed esthetician since 1998.  She comes to the holistic and yoga world from her lifelong interest in health and nutrition. Her study of nutrition led her to a B.S. degree in Foods and Nutrition and she worked in Clinical Nutrition at both the Beth Israel and New England Memorial Hospital. Interestingly, while at New England Memorial, she had the honor of meeting and working with Dr. Deepak Chopra who at that time was a physician there.

From her background in Clinical Dietetics and then as a Paralegal, Doreen's strength is combining her solid traditional background with her training as a holistic practitioner. She is certified in Svaroopa Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Advanced Kripalu Yoga and Kripalu Bodywork. She is also certified in TranscenDance, a style of Kripalu Danskinetcs. Her professional and private practices now total over 30 years.

In 1992 Doreen was inspired to leave her full-time professional position as Paralegal to Attorney Robert M. Schwartz, to set out and teach yoga throughout Boston. Doreen has taught at Boston and Brookline Adult Education, for Fitcorps (Hale and Dorr), for Healthworks Cambridge, Brookline and Boston, at Mount Auburn Club in Watertown. She brought Yoga into the Boston Racquet Club and taught in various corporations including the financial institution Charles Schwab, and The United Way. She taught at Babson College in Wellesley for six years and was adjunct faculty at Northeastern University for twelve years. She has taught specialized topics in yoga for Occupational Therapists at Tufts University in Medford. Long before Massage and Yoga for Pregnancy became their own specialities, Doreen was detailing her practices to meet the special needs of pregnant students and clients. Understanding yoga and massage's clinical implications in health and wellness, Doreen's yoga classes and body therapies included programs and treatments for building the immune system and strengthening the mind and the body. Doreen was among the first massage therapists in Boston to become Nationally Certified as well as among the first massage therapists in Boston to hold statewide licensure. In the early 1990's, on faith and inspiration and at the request of several students, Doreen designed and taught a yoga teacher program that progressed to a two hundred hour program including studies, practices, student teaching and mentoring. Doreen trained over thirty students.

Dedication to the Indwelling Divine and love for the practices of Yoga are the two most important aspects of every class Doreen teaches. She sees every student as a seeker and gives all of herself to be an instrument in students' finding their own Inner Divinity. With strong leaning towards women's empowerment, Doreen emphasizes the yoga practices as pathways to the inner Self, true happiness that doesn't depend on outside circumstance, and a life of ease in the body and contentment from the deep fulfillment guaranteed by yoga. Drawing from her own experiences and practice in different styles of yoga, Doreen has found that the style of Yoga which best serves her unique expression of offerings is Svaroopa Yoga which dissolves deep internal tensions and leads students to the discovery of their own inherent Bliss. Svaroopa Yoga was founded by Rama Berch of California some years ago. Rama spent eleven years in India, living, studying and serving in the ashram of her beloved teacher, kundalini yoga master, Swami Muktananda. Rama decided to teach yoga and became certified in three different styles of hatha yoga but from her own personal practices. and particularly her extensive meditation practices, Svaroopa Yoga evolved. Svaroopa teachers worldwide have just recently been blessed by the initiation of Rama Berch as a Swami. Very few women and even fewer American women have shared this honor. Rama's new name is Swami Nirmalananada Saraswati.

Yoga is a practice, a promise and a way to uncover the True Jewel that lies within the heart of every imdividual. To have found that, to know that and to share that with everyone is the greatest blessing. No matter where you come from, whether your eyes are brown or green or violet or blue, whether you have financial prosperity or little money, whether your skin is light or dark, whether you have the highest degrees from the most acclaimed universities or never stepped your foot in a school room, You are the Jewel. Find It, experience It, live from It. It will bring you everything your heart desires, It will even bring you more.

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