Yoga with Doreen - do a LOT of yoga!
Do A Lot of Yoga
Because the more you do, the better it gets! Svaroopa Yoga releases tensions.  When tensions release, the mind quiets, our bodies improve and we come to a deeper place inside.  We come into our bliss.  Practicing yoga and finding true inner happiness are synonymous and that happiness that you find through yoga is not displaced by mood or circumstance.

What are students saying about Svaroopa Yoga?

Coming from a background in Alexander Technique, I appreciate the gentle approach and deep openings up and down the spine that can be achieved through Svaroopa yoga with guidance from a teacher like Doreen. If you meditate or do any yoga, you should be aware of Svaroopa practice. SNN

 I never leave Doreen's Svaroopa Yoga classes feeling anything but calm and focused.  My aches and pains, suffered from long years of inattention, and not addressed successfully through any other method, largely disappeared after a few months of SvaroopaYoga classes. PM

"This class has helped me so much and is an integral part of my rehabilitation and self-care.  Thank you so much Doreen,"  R. Lic. Ac.

I loved todays class as it really worked my upper legs front and back and who does not need to stretch the muscles around your spine. I always feel so good and even though I have some really  bad injuries I feel that I now can exercise without doing damage to those spots. Thank you!  M.G. Designer



Weekly at the Mount Auburn Club

Private, Semi-Private, Small Classes
by appointment 

Spaulding Rehab, North End, 2d, 4th Wednesdays
10:15-11:15 a.m.
Spaulding Rehab., W. Roxbury, call for dates
Twice/month,3:00-4:00 p.m.
Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge
Twice/month, 11 a.m.-12 p.m., call for dates
Cambridge Health Alliance, Malden
Twice/month, 11 a.m. -12 p.m, call for dates

Every Weds. Mt. Auburn Club 4:30
Every Sat. Mt. Auburn Club 4:00 


A very special new work!  As of July, 2015, Doreen has completed a four year course of study and is now a Licensed Spiritual Coach via the Centers for Spiritual Living. 
If you have a situation, circumstance or condition and want a new paradigm to shift to new results in your life, this work is for you.  Discover why your life is the way it is and what you can do about it, learn  ancient wisdom, Interrupt old patterns  and create new, improved karma for new, improved outcomes.  Tap into your limitless possibilities and start living your one perfect divine life right here and right now.   
Doreen brings over thirty years of work, study and practice to her coaching, an integration and manifestation of her heart's desire, ancient wisdom and her emphasis on empowering her students and clients.   Appointments by phone, or in person.

Individual sessions by appointment
Private Yoga
Yoga detailed specifically for you in a one-on-one session or for you and a partner or friends.
 Massage Therapy
 Bodywork for your specific needs including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Massage, Pregnancy Massage as well as Baby and Infant Massage
(you learn how to massage your newborn,baby/small child).
Healing Energy work in the Usui System of Reiki. 
 Raindrop Therapy
A release to the spine using massage, ten therapeutic grade oils and heat. Although no stones are used, Raindrop treatments are very much like hot stone massage. Get all the benefits of yoga therapy, massage therapy and aromatherapy in this one treatment.
Sound Healing
This treatment utilizes vibrational healing through the application of Tibetan Bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and drumming.  A wonderful treatment with great healing possibilities
Nutrition Counseling
Schedule an appointment to learn more about nutrition and to have a session customizing your nutritional needs.  Doreen brings her background in Clinical Dietetics and holistic education together to design the best program for your needs and lifestyle.  Learn how and why to eat well, to select the best foods for your own health and well being and how to purchase and prepare them to maximize your schedule and personal time availability.
 Filomena's Aromatix
Aromatherapy therapy blends that soothe, calm, invigorate, sedate and sensuate! 
The blends:  The Sea, Immunity, Fields and Woods, Meditation I, Meditation II, Good Day, Exotic, Ecstatic, Exquisite, Devi.  See separate page for further blend descriptions.
Personalized Formulations
Aromatherapy blends personalized to your situation and goals.  Private consultation either in person or on the phone.
 Svaroopa Yoga Embodyment Therapy & Yoga Therapy for Pain
A form of yoga therapy, Embodyment is a subtle and powerful way to release the spine with a very concentrated effect resulting in rapid change, and profound openings accompanied by deep relaxation. Svaroopa students often receive Embodyment treatments to complement and amplify their practices. These deep openings in the body and the mind lead to immersion in the bliss that is inherent within every individual. This is the function of yoga, to provide a bridge for us to reach the deeper dimensions of the self.
For more profound tightness and/or injuries,  Overlap Yoga Therapy is recommended, a formatted program of daily and sequenced treatments which provide the greatest openings in the most efficient manner.
Specialized programs for pain management are available to you.  Contact Doreen
Esthetic Treatments by appointment featuring GM Collin Skincare

Private sessions, private treatments, by appointment